M. D. Dermatovenerologist, dermatologist, dermatooncologist, doctor of the highest category

  • member of the American Academy of dermatology (russia),
  • member of the National Alliance of Dermatologists and Cosmetologists (russia),
  • National Society of Mesotherapy and the Union of Aesthetic Medicine Specialists (Russia)
  • member of the Interregional Public Organization of Botulinotherapy Experts

Medical degree from the Russian state Medical university (Moscow). completed practical clinical сresidency training at the central dermatovenerologic Research institute at the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation specializing in «skin and venereal diseases» with a certificate in dermatovenereology.

Then, a practical training period in israel, accustomizing with new technologies in skin formations treatment, and an international preparation course for lecturing methods about homotoxicology in Kurhaus, Baden-Baden (Germany). Participated in the expert tour from the FiJiE Beauty institute of the scince-production center at CAREGEN concern (seoul, south Korea), world leader in researching growth factors and developing biochemical peptides. also participated via an invitation in a limited format meeting in uK with leading specialists from allergan company discussing aesthetical medical practice for the Botox product. completed a training course in Paris about dissection for cosmetology doctors. Participants of the course included dr. Fabio ingallina (italy) and dr. Fahd Benslimane (Marocco).

Novikov M.D. is a regular participant in science and practice conferences, symposiums, meetings, and seminars in Russia and abroad.

Novikov M.D. has more than 80 publications in science magazines, compilations of science works and in mass media. He is the author of «The role of ultrasound research in diagnostics and therapy of basal-cellular skin cancer». He is a regular guest at themed TV and radio shows.

He owns patents for a basal-cellular skin cancer treatment method, for a skin defects changes control system, and for a facial skin defects changes control system and the corresponding equipment. Vast experience in diagnostics and treatment of skin diseases, genecological infections, and in skin formations removal methods. He is a specialist in contour plastics and in use of botuloxine containing products for aestethical medicine. He has experience in leading medical clinics in Moscow. Founder and owner of aMd clinic (Moscow, Russia).

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